Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lesbian lawbreakers: I showed the other day that gay men are not less criminal than straight guys (at least that's what one data set says). Now, what about lesbians?

The Longitudinal Study of Violence Against Women asked 1,160 women about their sexual orientation, and if they had been arrested in the past year. Here are their answers:

Percent arrested in past year

Straight women 1.8
Lesbians 11.1
Bisexuals 5.9

It's what I think most of us would have expected. (Keep in mind that the sample sizes for the non-heteros are very small).

Sexual assault among female inmates is nothing like that of males, but it does happen. And now we have evidence that lesbians are overrepresented among those brought into the system.


  1. Remind us how Lesbian arrest rates compare to those of males, straight and gay, black and white?

  2. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I would think that female criminals/victims of crime and abuse are more likely to become lesbians rather that lesbians being prone to criminal tendencies themselves.


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