Friday, July 18, 2008

Here's how you answer when someone says, vote for Obama so we can be healed: I heard black moderate John McWhorter yesterday say on the Laura Ingraham radio show that he plans to vote for Obama for president because of the tremendously positive psychological effect that it will have on blacks. Hope will be felt like never before, and race hustlers like nut surgeon Jesse Jackson won't be taken seriously anymore.

Mr. McWhorter, in all his racial excitement, must have neglected to read yesterday's New York Times poll:

The results of the poll... suggested that Mr. Obama’s candidacy, while generating high levels of enthusiasm among black voters, is not seen by them as evidence of significant improvement in race relations.

For the first time ever, the person who is one step away from the most powerful position in the world is black, but still blacks folks don't think things are getting better?!

And that last step--his winning the Presidency--is supposed to return us to the racial Garden of Eden?

Call me cold, but I have a very different take on what will bring an end to the era of accusation. My prediction is that the Jesse's and the Al's and all the black finger-pointing will stop only when it don't pay no mo'. Why waste your breath when the Man just always laughs and gives you the finger?

I learned the term "extinction" in Psych 101. If you want to stop the bird from pecking, stop giving him the frickin' pellet.


  1. Zardad's Dog11:49 AM

    When people have a strong emotional investment in a particular world view it is almost impossible to shake them from their belief. Years ago classic study called When Prophecy Fails was written about this phenomenon.

    No matter what happens in the fall, blacks are unlikely to abandon the cult of victimhood that provides a comforting explanation for any bad outcomes they experience.

  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    True that, zardad's dog,
    If Obama wins, blacks will say he did inspite of all the racism that still exists. If he loses, well, that's proof of racism too. It is never going to end with these people, ever. They are a millstone around this nation's neck.

  3. Until it is understood that the lower average achievement of blacks is due to their lower average IQ discrimination will always remain the most obvious explanation of their lower average achievement.

    Hence blacks will remain angry and most whites will continue to feel guilty.

    PC is devastating.

    People ask what could be the benefit of IQ research. Stopping this syndrome, which paralyzes our society and condemns blacks to the study of irrelevent matter, is the answer.

  4. TotallyAnon10:53 AM

    Conspiracies and suspicion abound in black culture, as John McWhorter himself has written about. Conspiracies about HIV, crack cocaine, Church's chicken, Kool cigarettes, hidden KKK symbolism and god knows what else - I think, if Obama manages to lose this election (and let's face it, it's his to lose), many blacks will chalk it up to some nefarious government plan. I wonder how the black ghettos will react on election day. Win or lose for Obama, there's a decent chance something will happen.

  5. Anonymous1:43 PM

    "Conspiracies and suspicion abound in black culture, as John McWhorter himself has written about. Conspiracies about HIV, crack cocaine, Church's chicken, Kool cigarettes, hidden KKK symbolism and god knows what else..."

    There was the Tropical Fantasy soda incident in NYC. Dumb ass blacks believed that the KKK was putting chemicals in the stuff to sterilize black men. People were attacked over it. I found the whole thing hysterical. This was back when Dinkins was mayor.
    But I will say this. I am definately expecting black misbehavior on election day. There will be a little crime wave, riot or attacks on whites(more than usual) in order to celebrate/protest the win/loss of Obama. Whites in urban areas had better be prepared.

  6. Obama voters in the news:

    PITTSBURGH - A woman suspected of cutting open a pregnant woman's uterus and stealing the baby has been charged with homicide, unlawful restraint and kidnapping, police said Sunday.

    Andrea Curry-Demus, 38, of Wilkinsburg, is charged in the death of Kia Johnson, 18, of McKeesport. Curry-Demus is accused of taking the baby boy to a Pittsburgh hospital and claiming it was her own.

    Johnson's body was found Friday in Curry-Demus's apartment. The body was positively identified through dental records, Allegheny County Medical Examiner Karl Williams said Sunday.

    In the criminal complaint, police said that video surveillance at the Allegheny County Jail from Tuesday afternoon shows Curry-Demus talking with Johnson for several minutes. The women were at the jail visiting different inmates, police said.


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