Saturday, April 05, 2008

Censorship at Taki's Mag: I rarely read Taki's these days since the same message over and over again that neocons suck has gotten a little old, and now it's gotten even less interesting since they are deleting all the stimulating comments along with the over-the-top stuff. I absolutely hate having my comments deleted which is one reason I never do that here, so let me paraphrase my post that was just removed.

On Larison's post concerning white identity politics, I argued that the only reason why whites have the luxury of being colorblind is because they are two-thirds of the population and for the most part are running things. If demographic trends continue, race-blind whites will increasingly pay a big price. At some point, they will have to imitate other groups or put themselves at a disadvantage.

I then argued that race-conscious whites are focused on the future and see what's coming, while the luxury of the current situation enables short-sighted whites to be race-neutral which they do out of an idealism, or a desire for status, to feel superior over unenlightened brown people who like to stick together and race-conscious white trash low-lifes. Finally, I wrote that the longer that colorblind whites have their way, the worse it's going to be down the road when ethnic politics really kick in.

Thought-crime, yes? The indelicacy might give the madams at Taki's the vapors, perhaps? There are fewer and fewer places to say whatever the hell you want--people are much more concerned with image and standing than the free exchange of ideas, and paleos now appear to be as guilty of this as anyone.

I'm pleased to say that this blog is different. Few people say outrageous things here--except for me, perhaps--since they're too sensible, but they can if they want to.

By the way, I'm proud to say that the list of websites that have banned me is growing, and why am I not surprised that they are all on what could be called the Right: Free Republic, Chronicles, Taki's, and... Stormfront. And in only one case--Chronicles--was it possible that I was banned for insulting someone. In all other cases, it was simply argument or statistics. Love of freedom, my ass.


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    How did you get banned from Stormfront?

  2. notuswind: Doesn't everyone who has two brain cells? One of Black's henchmen got fed up with my good sense.

  3. Thanks for your efforts.

    Taki's site is no longer worth visiting.



  4. Anonymous10:11 PM


    I haven't been reading Takimag's comment section much, as usually I just skim his site (but like Taki Theodoracoupulous' own posts a great deal).

    Steve Sailer for a while had an "open" comment policy, and he got some serious *real* anti-semites posting there. I had a feeling that some of these posters were actually neoconservatives trying to discredit Steve's site by doing this because some of the posts were so outrageously concocted that it was hard to believe anyone who believed them would even know who Steve Sailer is. I still think it was an early "smear job" on Sailer.

    You are right about diversity of course. It has not been tried somewhere else and found to work. We, the West, are the experimental labratory. It it doesn't "work", we are stuck with an unpleasant, messy situation that is the fault of the 1965 Immigration De-form act and our executive branch from 1988-onwards refusing to enforce our borders.

  5. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Ron Guhname,

    I was just surprised that you even commented over there. That's all.

  6. Anonymous7:24 PM

    I don't see the problem as white people refusing to engage in ethnic identity politics so much as the problem is that white people generally tolerate the identity politics of other ethnic groups.

    Identity politics is antithetical to the ideal of a meritocratic society.

  7. Anon: While it's not clear to me if white consciousness is growing, tolerance for minority group loyalty has been going in the wrong direction for sometime.

    Lefties who have discredited the assimilation model can thank themselves for future balkanization.

  8. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Yes, this is a good point.

    I actually wrote a cover story for Commentary on exactly this same subject back in 1999 (back before all the Commentary people went totally crazy on foreign policy!).

    Here's the link:

    California and the End of White America

    Ron Unz

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