Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Liberals choose to live in neighborhoods that are a whopping 16% black: We're told that conservatives are overt or closet racists. We are in deep need of sensitivity training, and after repeating the chant "George Washington Carver gave us peanut butter" enough times, the curtains will be drawn back, we will see the eternal light, and enter the holy realm where liberals dwell. Yes, liberal sainthood is clearly shown in where they choose to live. According to the General Social Survey, conservatives prove their baseness by living in neighborhoods that are only 14% black. Liberals, on the other hand, guided by purer, enlightened minds, surpass that figure by a whole 2%.

It's clear why so many people, even professed conservatives, mouth all the right views on race: it's all benefit and no cost. You get a status boost as you convince people that you're not philistine. Evidently, people are not troubled by a dissonance between beliefs and observations. Like the saying goes, talk is cheap. It would please me very much if every time a white guy said "America is a very racist country" someone would call him on it and say "You are all talk unless you live in a black neighborhood and send your kids to a black school. So do you?"


  1. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Supporting the first comparison given in the report: "Table H-15. Total Money Income Per Household Member,
    by Race and Hispanic Origin of Householder:
    1980 to 2003"
    shows that Hispanic incomes per person are quite close to 1/2
    that of the white, not hispanic category.
    This is more extreme than the black/white difference of the pre-WWII era.
    It is very nearly impossible to exaggerate the implications of a divergence of this magnitude, and it is
    attributable entirely to mass immigration under egregiously low standards of quality of population.

  2. Anonymous11:11 AM

    As the old Sixteen Volts post pointed out though, if you move to a minority neighborhood that's gentrification and gentrification is EVIL!


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