Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Attitudes toward blacks by race/ethnicity

Drug Use Trajectory participants were asked: "Based on your experience, a person could be counted on to do what they say if that person was Black." Answers ranged from "strongly agree" (1) to "strongly disagree" (5). Here are the means by race/ethnicity (sample size = 1,795):

Mean "can't count on blacks" score

Whites 1.61
Hispanics 1.90*
Black Hispanics 2.28*
Blacks 2.88*

*significantly higher than whites

Blacks--both Hispanic and non-Hispanic--are much less likely to agree that blacks can be counted on. The gap in attitude between blacks and whites is huge--1.1 standard deviations. Whites have nicer views of blacks than Hispanics do, and they have a much more positive view of blacks than blacks have of themselves. So much for the idea that white attitudes make blacks feel bad about themselves.


  1. I don't doubt the results are true, but I suspect white guilt has a lot to do with the whites score.

  2. Where is the source for this survey? Sample size, contact in- person, by telephone, internet?

    I believe another survey supports these findings, that I cited "In 2007, New America Media conducted a telephone poll of 1,105 African-American, Asian-American and Hispanic adults. . . . 44 percent of Hispanics and 47 percent of Asians are “generally afraid of African-Americans because they are responsible for most of the crime.” Meanwhile, 46 percent of Hispanics and 52 percent of African-Americans believe “most Asian business owners do not treat them with respect.” And half of African Americans feel threatened by Latin American immigrants because “they are taking jobs, housing and political power away from the Black community.” The margin of error for the Asian-American sample (400 interviews), the Hispanic sample (355 interviews) and the African-American sample (350 interviews) is approximately 5 percentage points." Taken from my article at

  3. Oh, come on. They asked a bunch of whites "are you racist" and you *believe* the answers?

  4. America as a nation has been brainwashed more completely than Soviet citizens under Stalin and Brezhnev. Yes, they became zombies addicted to authoritarianism but lately they show some signs of rejecting Putin, the living replica of a ruthless czar.

    The relentless surgery rewiring human brains in America began quite innocently by the Civil Rights Movement but was co-opted by Leftists bent upon a complete revolution led by Obamaesque characters. Schooling was rapidly modified into monstrous indoctrination by two new species of teachers, inferior blacks following their own poisonous lies and myths, as well as misguided whites willing to politicize all aspects of our basic K-12 curriculum. Before long equality of opportunity morphed into equality of results and racism favoring blacks perverted the entire program. Innocent white children were brazenly sold a bill of goods that both stunted their intellectual growth and taught them to revere anything black. Today they suffer from squalid minds and delusions of white inferiority.

    The symtoms of our decline are all around us but undoing years of educational malfeasance was a Promethian task in the former USSR and post 60's America whose efforts to reduce shame instead deformed the American mind via Leftist miseducation.

  5. I don't think the white answers are necessarily due to fear of racism. I know in my own experience working with Blacks, I would have no problem answering that I find them reliable and I expect them to do what they say they will. But, lots of Blacks associate not just with the working class Blacks, but with the whole range of Blacks, including the large underclass. Both Whites and Blacks, answering honestly, could easily produce the answers returned here.

  6. Do they have data on "Based on your experience, a person could be counted on to do what they say if that person was [WHITE/ASIAN/JEWISH/HISPANIC]"? Comparisions of these with the "count on blacks" results might be interesting. I would not be surprised if there was little or no difference among whites in responses to each of the "trust [GROUP]" questions. They really try hard to be colorblind. So much so that they are even when it is stupid to be. It would also be intersting to tease out results for Asians. East/NE Asians, in my experience, are at least as racists as blacks. South Asians, on the other hand, have had a bit of PC drilled into them... tho' they certainly lag behind whites in unrealism.

  7. Anonymous9:03 AM

    A fine argument, is it not?

    White people are racist
    because a survey has shown, that when asked, whether a black persons word could be trusted, they strongly agreed; even moreso than black people.
    Of course, they lied.
    After all, white people are racist.


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